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Lavender and its incredible healing benefits

Lavender and its incredible healing benefits

Posted: 26/03/2022

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Lavender is a flowering plant that is easily identified by its beautiful purple colouring and sweet floral scent.  It is believed to be native to the Mediterranean, Middle East and India with a history dating back as far as 2,500 years.

Lavender is a low maintenance, easy to grow plant.  To grow successfully it needs well-drained soil and full sun.

This amazing plant has many healing properties which I have used myself for many years.  My grandmother made many lotions and potions for use cosmetically and medically.  For this reason the smell triggers happy hormones for me as it’s a connection to my grandmother who has since passed over.

What is lavender good for?
There are many vast benefits and properties of lavender and listed here are a few:

  • Insomnia: works by calming the central nervous system and promoting slow wave sleep encouraging longer, better quality sleep.
  • Anxiety: can reduce symptoms of anxiety by affecting the body’s fight or flight response by calming without sedating.
  • Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory: contains polysaccharides which are potent in curing inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism and other painful conditions.
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal: contains components to help with fungal infections, skin conditions such as eczema and blemishes, and wound therapy.
  • Digestive Issues: lavender promotes secretion of digestive juices and helps reduce symptoms of vomiting, nausea, gas and constipation.
  • Hair Loss: A 2016 study showed that when applying lavender oil to mice their hair grew thicker and faster than normal. Can also help prevent an itchy scalp or dandruff.

There are many methods and ways to use lavender and incorporate it into our lives such as:

Lavender flowers represent purity, silence, devotion, grace, serenity and calmness.

Purple is the colour associated with the crown chakra which is the energy centre that resonates with higher purpose and spiritual connections. For this reason it is beneficial to keep lavender in the area you choose to mediate in.

Lavender is often planted in churches and graveyards specifically to show devotion to those who have passed.

Using lavender at home brings peace, calm and a feeling of safety within the four walls.  It is a magical plant with amazing healing properties and vast benefits.

At Path of Light we use lavender in many of our products and are huge advocates of this special rather regal plant. You can find lavendar in our crystal infused candles, smudging bundle, we even have a crystal pulse point roller made with 100% pure essential oils!

Browse our healing crystal shop, to find out what other benefits you can receive from the power of crystals.

It is important to use good quality oils and consult a health professional before use.  Lavender is not a substitute for medical treatment.  Check dosages and allergens prior to use.