Our Story

“Path of Light” was created by Jane and Enza. It is a brand inspired by conscious and spiritual living. Based in Hertfordshire, UK, we both have a special interest in, and a passionate belief in the benefits of meditation. Both of us have complementing skills that have inspired us to create an innovative range of bespoke products to help enable people to live to the best of their ability, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Jane is a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healing Practitioner, whilst Enza’s spiritual journey began when she was a child. Her great uncle was Ted Fricker the world-famous healer and author. This inspired her to practice psychic development from an early age. Enza also specialises in Crystal Therapy and essential oils for Aromatherapy.

We are mothers to beautiful girls and we met at the “school gates” when our daughters began primary school. We soon realised that our life journeys have followed similar paths. We both have demanding careers, family responsibilities, busy lifestyles and have both experienced physical and emotional trials that we have overcome with meditation and through the other therapies we practice.

During our years of practicing meditation we recognised that certain aids empowered and enhanced the physical and mindfulness of meditation and the other therapies we practice. None of the available candles, crystals or meditation mats were truly satisfactory, and we believed that introducing a bespoke meditation mat, eye mask and pillow were needed to give our clients, and ourselves the greatest beneficial and mindful experience. It was then we took the plunge and decided to design and manufacture a bespoke range of complementary products that enhances all alternative therapies.

And thus began the “Path of Light”.

The name “Path of Light” reflects the honesty and the beauty integral to the heart of our company. Our choice of raw materials and our approach to manufacturing enhances the quality of all our products. You can read more about us and the benefits of our products by following our blogs. We hope that you can enjoy browsing our healing crystal shop.

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