Citrine Crystal Candle, Scented with Wild Fig & Cassis


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This energising, uplifting and creative candle, embedded with citrine and scented with Wild Fig and the fruity, citrusy aroma of Cassis will remind you of the Mediterranean and autumnal walks in the woods.

Citrine has the ability to help balance the chemicals in your body thus re-energising, recharging and imparting enthusiasm, self-esteem and self-confidence to all your actions.

Burn Time: up to 35 hours

About this Candle

This beautifully perfumed Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Soy Wax candle embedded with a collection of beautiful and powerful Citrine crystals, which will give benefit both during use as a candle, and once the candle has burned away you can continue to gain positive energy from the presence of Citrine crystals through meditation on our Chakra Meditation and Crystal Healing Mat.

For those new to Crystal, Aromatherapy, and Meditational Healing we have created the ultimate positive combination of 3 of the most important elements for attracting wealth and prosperity, positivity and creative inspiration, through the re-energising positivity of Citrine, combined with the scent of Wild Fig and Cassis; a beautiful aroma that elicits calmness, peace and motivation to give you the power to fulfil your dreams and goals.

Citrine Crystals are placed in the soy wax, and during the burning process will enhance the atmosphere and create a feeling of achievable and energising optimism, by releasing negative traits, depression, fears and phobias from your body, and empowering the mind to achieve your dreams within a calm, happy, positive and serene atmosphere

Each crystal, aided by the beautiful and calming scent of Wild Fig and Cassis, has the ability to help balance the chemicals in your body thus re-energising, recharging and imparting enthusiasm, self esteem and self-confidence to all your actions.

Citrine is recognised as one of the most important crystals for reversing degenerative disease such as diabetes and may calm kidney and bladder infections and increase blood circulation.

This infused candle creates a paradise of calming scent in your home perfect for relaxation, and with the addition of the heavenly scent of juicy Cassis (a type of delicious berry), this woody floral candle fills your room with memories of long forgotten holidays on the Mediterranean, and with a feeling of peace and calm; either while meditating or burning during a busy Zoom
Meeting or the pressure of hitting a dead-line!


Our Path of Light Candles have the potential (like all candles) of causing physical damage and personal harm if not used responsibly. By following the guidelines stated below will help ensure your safety:

  • Never leave your candle unattended.
  • Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire.
  • Keep burning candles out of the reach of all children and pets.
  • Never burn your candle for longer than 4 hours.
  • Trim candlewicks to 7mm
    before burning: Long or crooked wicks may cause uneven burning and dripping.
  • For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle once 1.5cm of wax remains in a container.
  • Always place your candle on a heatproof surface and allow at least 10cm spacing around the burning candle.
  • Do not move or handle whilst lit or until the wax has hardened.
  • Always ensure you extinguish the flame correctly.