Red Jasper & Tiger’s Eye Pillow & Eye Mask


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CRYSTALS OF COURAGE & ENDURANCE: Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eye share many healing qualities.  They are both associated with the root chakra and have incredibly powerful grounding qualities allowing us to keep one foot firmly on the ground.

Both crystals are supreme nurturers for the soul, which helps bring the mind and body into a state of calm while vitalizing courage, strength and motivation to see even monotonous tasks through.

They are nurturing crystals of protection, balancing emotional energies and supporting in times of stress.  They stimulate the imagination and transform ideas into action.  Encourages strength and stamina.

Beneficial for dealing with bullying of any kind.

Gain a sense of power and focus while clutching, cuddling or resting on our beautiful and powerful velvet, crystal chip pillow.


About the Pillow & Eye Mask

Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eye can reduce electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation.

By including our “one size fits all” eye mask we have enhanced the power of the pillow which will aid your crystal and meditative experience.  The eye mask can be used both ways making it even more luxurious.  It is so soothing to put on you will want to wear it daily!

Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eye on the face, especially on a soothing soft velvet eye mask

  • Enhances night vision
  • Treat eye infections
  • Aids detox
  • Reduces dark under eye circles and puffiness
  • Benefits hair, skin and nails

By combining our empowering pillow and eye mask you will be surrounded by a powerful and loving, positive energy.

Our beautiful and powerful red, velvet and Crystal Chip Pillow and Eye Mask Gift Box is the perfect gift for anyone passionate, interested in or new to Crystal healing and Meditation.

It’s also the perfect gift to give to yourself to enhance your journey in crystal healing, meditation and aromatherapy.

Our highly luxurious velvet and crystal chip embellished pillow is also a perfect solution for a glamorous decor and, with its healing positivity, will enhance all environments and can be used as an Accent Pillow in living rooms, studies, bedroom or your own personal therapy space..

The pillow has a polyester filled cushion, covered with red luxury velvet fabric embellished with red jasper and tiger’s eye chips of various sizes that frames a red velvet centre on which to rest your head or support your back whilst working at your computer.

  • Pillow Cover Dimensions: 20cm x 48cm
  • Pillow cover 100% velvet
  • Pillow 100% polyester/cotton
  • To Clean: cleaning with a damp cloth is preferred; though the cover can be removed, turned inside out and put on a gentle wash.
  • The eye mask is filled with split peas or aborio rice


Following the Furniture & Furnishing Fire Safety Regulations, Path of Light Ltd, uses fire retardant fabrics on all meditation mats, pillows and eye masks.

Crystals are to be used to compliment holistic healing therapy, not as an alternative to conventional medicine. Always consult your health professional if you are unwell or experiencing symptoms of illness.

Due to small parts please keep out of reach of small children and pets for safety reasons.