Study Well Crystal Healing Pack


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This crystal pack consists of 5 healing gemstones which are believed to assist in learning. Especially good as an aid to revision, tests and examinations, whilst aiding confidence and determination by increasing motivation, clear positive thinking and retaining information. This crystal set is presented in an Organza gift bag with an Information Leaflet.

Contains 1 of each:
Clear Quartz/Crackled 
Red Jasper
Tiger’s Eye

Benefits of this Crystal Pack

All our crystals are naturally and ethically sourced so they may vary in shape, size and colour. They may be presented as tumblestones, raw, wands or points.


Fluorite – An incredible stone for focusing when studying, it enables the mind to ‘open up’ to new ideas, it aids focus and concentration as its vibration stimulates the electrical charges in the brain. Removes mental blocks and confusion.

Clear Quartz/Crackled – Known as the ‘Master Healer’, it amplifies energy and thought; it improves focus and brings forth mental clarity, is great for helping retain information. and increases overall sense of well-being during an extremely tense and active period.

Red Jasper – grounds negativity and helps the conscious mind thrive. It helps in focusing and visualizing on what you wish to achieve. Red Jasper can reduce worry, emotional stress and anxious moods; increasing emotional stamina and promoting courage.

Selenite – a great stone for keeping your memory centered for exams. It will cleanse the aura and dissolve stagnant energy; it encourages positive energy to flow. Helps quiet an agitated mind and enable you to access your intuition.

Tiger’s Eye – Is a powerful stone to aid study and research. It helps you stay focused when there is a lot of information to absorb and, its gentle energy encourages calmness and strength which helps enhance wisdom and confidence

Disclaimer for crystals

It is not advised to leave crystals in water for an extended period of time as may cause some specific types to dissolve or crack. They are to be used to compliment holistic healing therapy, not as an alternative to conventional medicine. Always consult your health professional if you are unwell or experiencing symptoms of illness.

How to cleanse, charge and program your crystals

Cleanse and charge:
When you first receive your crystals, it is always best to cleanse them to remove any previous energy. This can be done in many ways. You can hold under running water or place in salt or rainwater. You can also pass sage or palo wood smoke over the crystals. Selenite has the ability to cleanse and charge crystals simply by touching them for a short period of time. Crystals can also be charged by leaving in view of natural light or moonlight. Sound healing cleansing and charging is an ideal method for large volumes of crystals. This can be accomplished by chanting or using singing bowls to emit a loud vibration. You should regularly cleanse and charge your crystals.

Setting an intention for your crystal can help you connect with its energy. Sit quietly and comfortably with your crystal and ask for assistance of your current desire or situation. Speak to the crystal, silently or verbally. Thank it for its presence and enjoy the healing properties it can promote. *Always check if the crystal can be used in water prior to cleansing as some crystals such as selenite may dissolve or crack when submerged in water for an extended period of time.